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An Ethical Issue Faced by Engineers

An Ethical Issue Faced by Engineers
Every profession is guided by the set of ethical norms that every member has to conform to so that efficient operations can be ascertained. If the moral values that are harmoniously formulated are not abided to, it leads to the failure of the entire profession. Thus, it is vital for every form of industry to enact rules that will govern its operations. For, instance, the engineering profession has some code of ethics that every member has to comply to, as long as they are affiliated with the institution. Such ethical issues aids in making the professionals effective in the way they make their service delivery to the society. Further, they help to build a healthy working relationship with the professionals. In this regard, this essay will examine one of these ethical procedures that every engineer has to face and comply with, along with executing his duties. As such, this will be the whistleblowing whereby any engineer is required to report any client or employer that they deal with, to the relevant authority. Notably, this will happen in a scenario where the client fails to comply with the directives that are given out by the engineer. It will happen in this way since the chief objective of the profession is to serve all the people efficiently.
Relevance of the moral value to the profession
The technical ability that is an associate of the engineering professionals makes them vital members of any given society (Harris 169). Notably, by use of their skills, they can foretell the impacts of undertaking a particular procedure. Thus, it is crucial for the client to give due regards to the directives that are given by the engineer. People in this profession are trained to handle the complicated issues that sometimes may be impossible to the eyes of the society. In some cases, a misunderstanding may arise in regard to how a particular task ought to be carried out. Several of these cases may encompass the cost of installation of an individual program for the case of software engineering. An engineer has a broad knowledge that concerns his field of specialization. It is this vast knowledge that enables the engineer to perform their tasks diligently. Once an engineer makes a projection that affects a given project, it concerns the owner of the entire project to handle the issue with the engineer (Baura 59). Sometimes, the projection may be in terms of the cost involved to oversee the completion of the given project. In some cases, the client may intend to use cheaper applications that may sometimes contravene the intention of the engineer due to the technical issues that may be involved.
Notably, engineers have the knowledge of the best applications that are recommended by the entire association. Therefore, the engineer knows the impacts of failure to comply with the formulated provisions. If the engineer fails to follow the set protocols that encompass the operations in the profession, he or she will be answerable in a situation where a hazardous occasion faces the society. Due to this, he or she has to enforce the compliance with the set protocols or else involve the relevant authority. It is the involvement of the competent authority that will enable efficiency in the entire profession (Richard and Kristin 241). For instance, if the approximated cost of building a particular building using the standard materials that are recommended by the institution is US $ 8 billion, it should be that way as this will be a reflection of the price of the requirements in the market. At various occasions, the client may opt to make the purchase of the requirements without the consent of the engineer with a motive of reducing the cost that is involved. In such a case, the engineer should do an extensive investigation that pertains the way the purchase of the requirements is done. Otherwise, if the entire project proves to be unsuccessful, the onus will be placed on the engineer who supervised the operations. Hence, the engineer has to follow each procedure so that he or she can be answerable to any anomaly that emanates from the whole process. One will understand that if the outcome of the operations affects the society, the engineer has to counter the allegations that are accused of him or her in the court of law. Innately, it is only possible if the engineer followed the set ethical procedure while the operations were on their due course.
Evidently, this will take the place at the court of law where the ethical systems are a component of the formulation of the judgment. Interestingly, the ethical systems are well known to every engineer who is licensed to offer services to the society. In a situation where the engineer fails to follow the set procedures knowingly, such an engineer will be entitled to a severe punishment that may act as a lesson to others who may be the victims of the same issue in the future. Notably, it will deter them from committing the same offense in the future. An offense of this caliber may encompass the application of punitive measures that as extremely severe to the affected person (Whitbeck 94). In view of this, the lesson taught by the engineer under consideration will lead to the conformity to the provisions of the law by the other engineers. As such, ethical values help in making the profession trustworthy by the public. Hence, it is crucial for the members of this profession to adhere to the set procedures for the purpose of keeping the proper name of the field. Otherwise, it will tarnish the name of the organization that will render it futile to the eyes of the society.
In principle, the fact that each engineer has to be answerable to the fault that result out of his line of duty make each engineer to have the sense of focus as they execute their duties to the people in the society that they work. The engineer is aware of the necessary steps that he or she should undertake in case he or she fails to create an understanding with his or her client. In fact, the society is sometimes unaware of the protocols that exist in the engineering profession. Thus, it is the role of the engineer under the considerations to take the role of creating the awareness to the clients. Consequently, it will make them have an easier time when they encounter such customers in the course of executing their duties.

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