Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Ethical ssues Faced by Engineers (Research Proposal)

Ethical Issue Faced by Engineers
The engineering profession has some moral values that should be followed by every professional who makes an entry into the field. Notably, every engineer has to be licensed so that he or she can be able to start the operations in the field. Unless an engineer is licensed, he or she cannot gain an access to the profession since this procedure is necessary. Principally, it is this process that makes it possible to enact the moral values that every engineer has to comply with, as long as they are in the profession. In this regard, one of the ethical value that the engineering profession is faced with, is the issue of whistleblowing, that is; an engineer whose directives fails to be followed by the employer or the client is obliged to report the matter to the relevant authority so that appropriate steps may be considered. In essence, this will help to reduce the hazardous issues that are associated with the failure to conform to the engineer’s directives. In view of this, this proposal will seek to discuss the vast of the aforementioned ethical issue.
Fundamentally, one will reckon that engineering profession encompasses the use of technical skills that helps to figure out the outcomes of implementations of a projected plan. If the course of the execution of the plan fails to follow the directive that is given by the engineer, it implies that there is an imminent danger. Thus, an engineer has the mandate to report the matter to the relevant authority for considerations to be done. The authority will examine the critical details of the case that is presented and then give its final judgment in regards to the subject matter. Consequently, it will help to protect the interests of the two sides along with protecting the interests of the community.

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