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Speech (War Crimes – Poem by Greenwolfe 1962}


In any given case scenario, war may at times be deemed top solve the problem of concern. In essence, this is not always the case since the most vulnerable sides of the war take an edge over the intended purpose of the war. Considerably, at the individual level, the war will encompass the use of physical ability and the person more superior to the other will emerge the winner of the war. All the same, the person who is more tactical than the opponent also win and satisfy all that he or she craves to fulfil. At a circumstance where the war entails a large group of people that fight against each other, then, a more sophisticated machinery of war will be employed to serve the purpose. Given this, the essay seeks to illustrate the concept of war at the individual and the group levels. In this perspective, the essay will be providing a review of the articles along with the poems that have been read and particularly on the aspect that entails war.

Firstly, the war among the individuals, as it has been illustrated in the articles, leads to the destructive measure that at times are hard to recover. For instance, when one fights with his friend and then injects critical injuries that at times leads to death. One will agree that this is a lost life and, thus, cannot be recovered since an individual cannot regain life after losing it. Hence, a better solution to solve the argument of concern could have been employed for the sake of preventing such scenarios from occurrence (Attachments). Moreover, one will find that at times, an individual versus the fellow confrontation could at times lead to severe injuries that one may never obtain the cure at the end of the exhaustion of all the possible means. Concerning this, it may be wise to employ an alternative means of solving the matter under the consideration.

Notably, people who get drunk are more prone to engagement in an unnecessary confrontation that ends in the eruption of a war. For that reason, those with the intention of indulging in such unnecessary fights engage in the drug taking to employ it in the unethical deeds that they crave to do. Ideally, the drug taking acts as a scapegoat since they hope that other people who may be amazed by their unbecoming behaviour will just have to attach it to the fact that the person of concern is not conscious about his or her actions. It is this since the individual is drunkard and, thus, cannot be accountable for all the upheaval character that is witnessed. In essence, a person of upright moral character will not engage in the drug consumption solely to bring disorder to his or her compatriots. Mostly, those who indulge in such behaviours are people who disrespect their personality and, hence, fails to treasure their personality along with dignity.

Indeed, people who perform such dramas in the society are never regarded worth by the other peaceful members of the community. In fact, even their young children who are brought up in the environment of people who are constantly at war fails to understand the significance of the peaceful coexistence in the society. In actuality, they grow up knowing that confrontation and physical battles are components of life that a human being cannot be in a position to avoid. Fortunately, they are presented in school whereby they are presented with more civilised ways of dealing with problems in the event that they occur. Unfortunately, they fail to find it easy since that background from which they were brought up had the usage of war as the basic solution in the event that misunderstanding evolves between individuals. In this perspective, it denotes the significance of having the parents who take care of their children even when the children are young. Undeniably, children imitate the behaviour of their parents as they grow up; thus, the environment from which the children are brought up dictates significantly the character of the children. Regarding this, parents have to portray the right character when they are in the presence of the children (Ramanujan 25). Otherwise, the children will grow up with the knowledge that abusive language, confrontations and fight are important integral parts of the community. It will only be proved otherwise to them when they interact with the society and find that they are the errand members of the community.

Lastly, as reflected in the poem, the rewards of confrontations and fights are hefty. It is this way because all the people that engage in war will in the end find their way to hell (Greenwolfe). In hell, all the forms of upheavals are condoned and, thus, the most appropriate place for those people who are fond of being involved in disorders. Fundamentally, people do not like this location since it is termed as the place where all injustice cases are punished. Besides, the errand members of the society will find themselves in cells if they fail to avoid their evil deeds. 

In brief, the articles have portrayed the various themes that are crucial to any given society. In this perspective, the subject of interest was war in the society and particularly among the individuals. Primarily, the essay has given a comprehensive analysis of such scenarios. Importantly, the causes of the war, effect and the way such occasions can be avoided. Hence, individuals have to be focused on measures that aim to eliminate the instances of conflict in the society.

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Poem by Greenwolfe

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