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Synthesizing Essay from Short Stories and Poem

Growing up and growing older does not primarily entail the change in the one's size and shape. Further, it encompasses of change of individual's way of reasoning and perceiving circumstances. In this regard, the short stories and the poem have signified a unique way of the growing up and growing older. They have just illustrated the simple transition that an individual undergoes through as he or she evolves from one stage of life to the other. In view of this, this essay seeks to compare and contrast the different methods of the two distinct procedures until they are attained.

The growth process for girls in relation to how they perceive people of the opposite sex has numerous difficulties. First, the process in which a girl seems to choose for her to express her love affiliation to a boy leaves her in a total problem (Robbins, 2014). Fundamentally, she lacks the courage to approach the guy and propose her love for the man. For that reason, she keeps the man in her heart hoping that one day, things will turn around her wish and the love relationship will kick start. Sometimes, this is not always the case since the man may not notice the love developed towards him by the lady. In this case, the woman might end up becoming the loser since she failed to express herself to the man under consideration. At a mature stage, it may not be difficult for a lady to go ahead to propose to the man that she finds interested in, for a love relationship. A lady will be bold enough to approach a man and make a proposal to the guy. In the case that the man fails to respond according to the wish of the lady, it may take the woman a further step to convince the man how much she is finding life hard without him. If this happens, it might have an impact of prompting the man to turn his love to the lady. Therefore, this can only be a consequence of growing up. In the texts that have been provided, the center stage of immaturity has been demonstrated. At a mature state, people ought to be courageous enough to handle the situation as it comes along their way.

As demonstrated by the stories, the standard procedure of bringing a child up is by taking them to school (Boboltz, 2014). While the children are at school, they commence the initial stages of development. They are introduced to the basic writing and reading skills by their instructors. On the same note, their parents participate in the offertory of guidance and counseling to the children so that they can aid an efficient growth process. In this perspective, one will note that parents are essential to the growth process of a child. In fact, without the presence of the parents, children will just grow physically but fail to gain the mental growth that is necessary to ascertain the maturity of an individual. Moreover, teachers are also crucial when incorporated in the growth process of a child. They assist the parents on the role of bringing up children to make them morally upright individuals for the current and the future life. Whereas the growth process is not an easy procedure, it ought to be incorporated in the life of everyone for the transition period to be effected in them.

The reality is that it is never easy to make a proper transition to a young growing person. The affected typically find life difficult when they find that they are made to obey the set rules. They are not free to craft decisions of their own in the course of the growth process, other, their parents and teachers are the only mandated to craft the modes in which they should operate (Jenner, 2013). That is at the young stages of development; the young growing individual will usually find themselves on the side of adapting to obey all that is instituted by either the teacher or the parent. In this case, it makes the young ones find the growth process extremely hard course of life. Many growing people wish to have a freedom to formulate the ideas that they will have to follow while they execute their duties. For instance, a girl will not like it when the parents follow all her moves since she feels that the parents are compromising her freedom. They will seek to have a private life that is free from much scrutiny to enable them pursue their individual endeavors. In this perspective, boys find themselves secure since they do not find themselves in a screening that is similar to the one that girls undergo. For that reason, it gives them some form of freedom in their growth process, unlike the girls.

In actuality, the growth process is a complicated procedure that is determined by the change in which an individual reacts to circumstances. Some people may have a different perception that concerns growth but the truth is that one has to transform his or her modes of perceiving conditions from a simple form to a better one. When all this is possible, one can ascertain the process of growth has installed its root to the particular individual.



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