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Evidence Base Practice and Applied Nursing Research

Evidence Base Practice and Applied Nursing Research

Annotated Bibliography

Keyworth, C., Peters, S., Chisholm, A., & Hart, J. (2013). Nursing students' perceptions of obesity and behavior change Implications for undergraduate nurse education. Nurse education today, 33(5), 481-485. 

In this article, the four author have portrayed a negative image for those students who take nursing in the university in the course of their studies. They have been portrayed as people who are never aware of the impacts of this disease before taking this course. Therefore, they have little knowledge about the topic of discussion. Ideally, this proves how most of these students are not made updated on the prevailing issues in the society (Keyworth, et al., 2013). The reality is that this information has no valid justification as the authors reveal them. All that they say is that given that the subject of obesity has been so prevalent in the current era and that the nursing students have nothing much to offer about it, they are therefore attributable to the brandishing awarded by these authors. On the other hand, given the publicity of the matter to hands of the public domains, almost all people have the information regarding the issue. Only that they need to be aware of how to take the preventive measures to avert any signs that one might be affected by the illness. 

            Notably, all this can only be done by the medical practitioners since they have the capacity to conduct the research on various ways in which one can become affected by the diseases along with the curable measures. It will help to prevent the possible loss of lives that are inevitable in the case that one has been suffering the impacts of this disease. These people have to be aware that the society is watching them so that they can feed them with the right amount of data, which will help the society deliberate on the matter and assume the right measures to curb the strength of these diseases (Keyworth, et al., 2013). In their conclusion, they find the college education being vital in ensuring that students get the required knowledge to enable them to assist the community in all its needs. The point of controversy arises whereby the authors fail to acknowledge that the students have prior knowledge concerning obesity before they attend the college education. Nevertheless, as depicted by the chart below, all areas that comprise this research were relatively done well. In this perspective, the introduction has a rating of 18 out of 20 and this is a good result. Consequently, the literature review scores 15 out of 20 that is also good. Then, the discussion part receives an award of 16 and data analysis getting 19, which is the most well developed part of the research. Lastly, the conclusion gathers 18 out of 20. Given this, all these parts are relatively well crafted by the investigation team.    

One of the ethical issue that this research has put into considerations is the issue of environmental pollutionquestion of compliance with the set medical standards by the government of the land. Everyone is aware that in every territory, there are rules that are harnessed to enhance the running of all the institutions and the health sector is one of them. In the course of the research, the investigation had to put into consideration all the ethical orders that have been put in place such as the compliance with the government regulations pertaining the health care provision.  . As they have addressed the issue, those who engage in the field of health have to tell people about the importance of keeping a clean environment that will see them free from diseases. If other types of research would embody the same aspect, they will be appropriate for this case scenario. Finally, the evidence that the investigators give in the course taking their analysis is in line with the research. Then, a theoretical model will do well to this arena since it will help to give the course to be followed in the course of executing all this. As well, in this research, all the five areas that comprise the research paper have been well done. In this regard, the introduction is much in line with the conclusion. Moreover, the body that entails the literature review and the methodology along with the data analysis are well documented. Given this, they all make the research comprehensive and a reliable source.

            Then, quantitative form of research has been used in this case. The investigators have used the population samples and this epitomize the quantitative aspect of it. Now, due to the parameters that the investigators are aimed at, only quantitative type of research would be appropriate in this case. Other types of research would be deemed unnecessary. They would have been found unnecessary since the research in solely focused on the figures of the people suffering the problem. Lastly, according to the research revelations, obesity is seen as a problem that can pose other dangerous diseases such as heart attacks and blood pressures along with many more others. All these results to the death of the effected person. Evidently, the research has taken a more detailed step to offer the number of people who have been dying due to this problem in the last three years in one of the areas that they engaged the research. They have found that this problem is now posing more deaths than any other disease. The only hassle is that they did not offer the exact figure that pertains the number of deaths reported in that duration of consideration.

Part B

Annotated bibliography

Swift, J. A., Choi, E., Puhl, R. M., & Glazebrook, C. (2013). Talking about obesity with clients: preferred terms and communication styles of UK pre-registration dieticians, doctors, and nurses. Patient education and counselling, 91(2), 186-191.

In this article, the authors seek to encourage the members of the public to participate in various forums that encourage people to take the nice routes in the course of making them aware of the disease along with its effects. People have to seek the services of those people who advise on the best practices to execute so as to combat the dangers of this disease (Swift, et al., 2013). It will help those without the disease to undertake measures that can prevent one from being caught in the suffering of this disease. Those who are already suffering the disease will be advised about the right way to tame the effect of the disease and possibly cause cure to it. In this case, a theoretical model will be necessary to guide the procedure in which all will be attained.

Kantor, E. D., & Giovannucci, E. (2015). Adolescent Obesity and Inflammation about Colorectal Cancer Risk: Recent Findings and Future Implications. Childhood Obesity, 11(4), 335-337.

In this case, the two authors go to the details of the aftermaths of obesity. One of these aftermaths is cancer, and this can be dangerous especially to the youth. Many youths take the subject of cancer light not knowing that it constitutes to the higher percentage of deaths more than any other disease (Kantor & Giovannucci, 2015). Given this, the authors, in this case, seek to encourage the youth to undergo the cancer screening so that those who are already suffering from the disease and are not aware can undertake early medications.

Gagnon, L. E., & Sheff, E. J. K. (2012). Outcomes and complications after bariatric surgery. AJN the American Journal of Nursing, 112(9), 26-36.

In this case, Gagnon and Sheff reflect on the aftermaths after one has undergone some surgery to determine all that they suffer. Sometimes, it might be a complex surgery to most people, and this implies that it could prove a difficult engagement by most of the people who engage in this behavior (Gagnon & Sheff, 2012). As well, it can be beneficial since one will know all that they suffer alongside the doctor and this will be instrumental in seeking the right medication. In this case, a theoretical model will be crucial to offer directions to be followed.

Aranda, K., & McGreevy, D. (2014). Embodied empathyinaction: overweight nurses’ experiences of their interactions with overweight patients. The nursing inquiry, 21(1), 30-38.

Given the predicaments that people who are overweight undergo in the contemporary societies, it is advisable that they keep in touch with the nurses so that they can be told about the most efficient practices to undertakes, which will have an effect of making them a bit lighter (Aranda & McGreevy, 2014). Aranda and McGreevy have documented these aspects pretty well.

Buxton, B. K., & Snethen, J. (2013). Obese women’s perceptions and experiences of healthcare and primary care providers: A phenomenological study. Nursing Research, 62(4), 252-259.

Women have been described as the people who have shown much apathy with those who suffer this disease, unlike their male counterparts (Buxton & Snethen, 2013). Therefore, they have been described as people who can encourage others to undertake measures that can help reduce the effects of these pandemics. A theoretical model is deemed essential at this juncture since it will help bring the actual picture of all that is expected.

 Flegal, K. M., Carroll, M. D., Kuczmarski, R. J., & Johnson, C. L. (1998). Overweight and obesity in the United States: prevalence and trends, 1960-1994. International journal of obesity and related metabolic disorders: journal of the International Association for the Study of Obesity, 22(1), 39-47.

In this article, the ability to understand the entire concept of obesity has been described as the key to attaining the victory against this problem in the society. Truly, this concrete knowledge will serve to reduce the effects that arise when people suffer an unknown disease (Flegal, et al., 1998). Given the fact that people will be aware of the signs of obesity, they will have to undertake the medical care before the situation worsens.

Talley, M., Pryor, E., Wadley, V., Crowe, M., Morrison, S., & Vance, D. (2015). The physiological mechanisms of diabetes and aging on brain health and cognition: implications for nursing practice and research. Journal of Neuroscience Nursing, 47(5), E12-E22.

In this case, those that have suffered diseases such as diabetes have been well told about, regarding all that they can do to live a longer life. People who suffer this disease are typically known to die after a short spell of time (Talley, et al., 2015). Mostly, one will have to survive for long though with challenges if he or she has noticed the disease and has undertaken the right medical course. Such a move will help take the effects of the disease.

Jinks, A., Cotton, A., & Rylance, R. (2011). Obesity interventions for people with a learning disability: an integrative literature review. Journal of advanced nursing, 67(3), 460-471.

In this journal, those who suffer obesity and still have other disabilities have been described. These authors have discussed the possible measures that they can pursue to effect a better life (Jinks, Cotton & Rylance, 2011). It will help those who suffer the same fate if they embody all the practices that have been explained in this journal.

 Panel, N. O. E. I. E. (1998). Clinical guidelines on the identification, evaluation, and treatment of overweight and obesity in adults.

In this case, the author takes an initiative to discuss various diseases that emanate from obesity. Cardiovascular has been at the forefront since it is one of the prominent diseases in this case (Panel, 1998). All the possible ways to eradicate this disease have been told in this research. In this case, a theoretical model when used will act as a control example to the nurses.

 Keyworth, C., Peters, S., Chisholm, A., & Hart, J. (2013). Nursing students' perceptions of obesity and behavior change Implications for undergraduate nurse education. Nurse education today, 33(5), 481-485. 

In this case, the author takes the initiate and discusses the character for the nursing students. All that they do in the course of their learning process is revealed along with their prior knowledge. The input that they amass in the centers of learning is elaborated. All this helps this research to come up with the ground conclusion concerning the dangers of obesity in the society.

According to the data and the discussions that have been given out by the investigators in these articles, it becomes necessary to have the changes in the hospitals. Special rooms ought to be set aside for those who suffer the problems. It will enable them to access the medication with much ease. Then, those who engaged in the investigations used various tools to amass the data. For instance, they used the medical equipment such as the clinical thermometers to determine one’s level of well-being. These medical tools were not similar since they were made by different manufacturers. Notably, all the investigators did not use similar tools but used each that was available to them. Since all the tools are made to function the same, they could not have had any effect on the results that were obtained. Then, the researchers engaged in the use of theoretical models since it would act as guideline to them. In essence, a model epitomizes reality and when this is copied to bring the right results, it becomes necessary. In the course of the performance, one will have an opportunity to control themselves so that they can conform to the provisions of the already set theoretical model. It was an appropriate nursing strategy for the occasion. Then, the tools that were used to enhance the execution of the research have affected the research in a manner that has been instrumental to achieve the desired results. Those tools helped to come up with the findings and this was the way in which they affected the results. Given this, they affected outcomes positively. As a consequence, the recommendations that pertain to this broad topic of obesity is that all people ought to be notified about it along with being taught the possible ways to avoid it.  










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