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American culture has infiltrated and married Australian Culture

American culture has infiltrated and married Australian culture.
Dear editor,
As a concerned citizen, I am currently disturbed by how cultures are being infiltrated. The indigenous cultures tend to be vanishing because of the western influence. Does it mean that the natives’ cultures were actually bad? In light of this, I am writing to address the plight in respect to United States and the Australian culture.
The American culture influence on Australia has been considered to be a negative one. This is because the overgrowing westernization is now rejecting the Australian rich culture. There have been advances of American values at the expense of Australian own culture.
The influence can be traced way back from the 1960s. During this time, American culture became popular in Australia majorly through entertainment. This has been significantly attributed to the world war two. After this war, America was considered to be the dominant economic power in most of the regions. In light of this, even Australia became a major exporter of American goods. In addition, Australia was also going through a sub urbanization.
According to the views that are portrayed by many Australians, the influence of American culture has done more harm than good to the Australian community. The Australian nation, for instance, does not have a well-established music industry as the American Hollywood. In this regard, most of the things that the nation will be doing musically normally appear to be from America.
 When the infiltration is looked at regarding Commercial radio music, this type of music was majorly imported by British and the Americans that taped the attention of most teenagers and created the culture of rock and roll. Before the Second World War, the Australian community had a thriving film industry. However, after the Second World War, the film culture in Australia, most of the cinema chains in the country comprised of about 83% Hollywood made. Apart from Holly wood, the rest of the film culture was foreign made. (Grossberg, 2014)
 The pop culture into the region has also been influenced negatively with the influence of American culture. The American pop culture took the center stage in the 1960s. The culture has since inflated the Australian culture through televise and the fall of the economy. The impact of the religion of the Australian culture has since resulted in a racial and religious discrimination in the social trust of the A Australia. Currently, in the region, there has to be a filter of what the TV shows are airing in the region. Entertainment is a big industry in the Australia; however, the content of the music and the entertainment, in general, is purely American.
The other culture infiltration in the country has been seen in the English language. Currently, I the country the aspect of “queen’s language” am adding culture in the country. With the expansion of the American TV stains, films, and American songs, there have been dwarfing of the local languages. The issue of a computer game as has also helped in spreading the American language. Because of this accessibility, America   language and phrases have been repealing the English language so fast.
 Finally, the Australian culture has been affected by the media influence.  When you turned on TV or any computer game, the general culture that is dominant in most cases is the American culture. This kind of culture has since been emulated by the majority of the people in Australian community especially the young generation.
What then could be the best solution to this fast growing trend? I tend to believe that everyone has a role to play as faras culture infiltration is concerned. Technology should not swipe away our culture. On the contrary, it should help enhance it. The government on their part should ensure the at all the content in the media are culture friendly. As such, it should not erode our culture. They should also encourage the production of the local films that should be able to tell our own stories. When all these are followed, we will be able to restore our golden culture.

In occlusion, with the rate of innovation taking place in the world today, most of the cultures across the world are bound to be infiltrated. Australia, in this case, has not been an exception it has been one of the countries that are undergoing the same infiltration by the American culture.

Yours sincerely,
Student name

Grossberg, Lawrence. We gotta get out of this place: Popular conservatism and postmodern culture. Routledge, 2014.

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