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Essay on Blues

Essay on the Blues
Young and Sonny have indeed shown differences in their way of performance. While young uses poems to make his claims to the people, Sonny uses music. Profoundly, the Blues is the genre of their choice. It will help them craft the message that is driven by the people to serve various purposes. One will have to note that the two sets of performers have distinct features as well as the backgrounds that support the way of their respective lifestyle. However, the duo might have been seen to hold similar opinions that concern the blues. According to their explanations, blues have the origin with African-Americans and were made to evoke a certain reaction to the community (Mason, 2014). Given this, this essay seeks to explain the understanding of the blues as the two personnel depicts it.
Fundamentally, as it has been mentioned above, these kinds of performances whether in musical form or a poetic form, used to play a particular role in the society. However, Sonny appears to have been the mainstream for the roots of his engagement in the field of art. In his early ages of growth, he is confronted by a difficult lifestyle. In this perspective, he was once involved in the lifestyle of being a poor boy in the society and this will imply that he could even lack the essential to humanity. As well, he does not treasure the fact he is confined in his community along with being a black person (Young, 2003). According to this, I seem that he will have been happy if he could find himself possessing a different colour that will not depict him as a black person. Furthermore, he will have found it pleasurable to move away from his community settings. Given the fact that he is confined to his community, he feels that there are potential challenges that he has to face in the course of his stay in the home community. Profoundly, his home place is Harlem and in this performance, he does not forget to recognise his home place. Notably, he finds it challenging to move from his mother community and go to other places to embody his music career. However, he does not find it easy to abandon the traditions of the city in which he has been brought up. For that reason, he has to embody all that his mother country has given to him, and this will only be by the engagement in the singing of the blues types of genre.
 All the he explains in his performance is his early lifestyle and much has been depicting how he has been able to transform from one type of the life to the other (Young, 2012). He has had to withstand a challenging lifestyle in the prisons since he was imprisoned for the use of drugs. In the primary stages of his life, he had engaged in drugs that ruined the rest of his life. He only found that the right time to recover was when he engages in the music and manifest his talent to the people. In this regard, he felt that the Blues will have been the best music for him since it entails the concepts that help to hold the morals of the individuals in the society. It does so by the revelation of the past stories, unlike some other music that are aimed at forming the fictions. For that reason, they help to integrate the society and make people live in the way that is morally acceptable otherwise they will have to face the adverse aftermaths. It will be bad for them and the general society since is the role of this song to notify the people about the good and the bad. These songs will help to create out this image. As well, he finds that people will have to get a thrill out of this type of music, and this will be good for the people since they will have to spend their pleasurable moment while listening to the songs. Such moments will be great for the community as a whole since they help the people spend their valuable time together. Once people spend their time as a unit, they have a lot that entails building a good society that is engrossed with peace and understanding amongst the individuals.
On the other hand, Young has revealed that Blues can be a pretty valuable item from the domains of the black Americans. They have for long been using this kind of music to reflect on the historical events. It has helped the cultural preservation since it helps to uphold the material cultures from amongst the African-American fraternity. As well, these cultural values can be passed from one generation to the other, and this is good since it ensures continuity in any given community. The prevailing generation id kept in a position whereby it can embody all that the ancient generations used to do. Given this, the positive depiction of the community is conveyed from one generation to the other (Galehouse, 2015). It is has been good as Young has portrayed it in his poems. He seeks to describe the lifestyle of the common people in the United States and particularly the African-American.
In his depictions about the blues, he has proved that they are songs with a lot to contribute to the society. He has encouraged people to seek the help of these songs to keep the community free of all the evils. In principle, this is only possible if people can engage the use of the genre in a constructive manner. Some people have only been passionate about the blues due to the entertainment that they derive from it. They have never been keen to take any moral responsibility and listen to the lyrics that are contained in the song. For that reason, they have never benefited ethically from this type of genre. Given this, people ought to take another dimension in the way they think about the framing of these songs as Young has manifested it. He wants people to get all the aspects of the blues so that they might grow a nice community.
In brief, the two artists seem to bear some resemblance on the issue of blues. Ideally, one can only define the blues well by telling all that it does to the society. In telling the facts about the genre, they have both specified that they are used to offer entertainment, and this has been described in distinct scenarios. But ultimately, they have all reached the same objective. As well, they have manifested that the genre is educative, and this has helped people to get the moral understanding of the community in which they inhibit.

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