Thursday, 20 October 2016

Stereotypes, Prejudice, and Discrimination

Stereotypes are people who develop a false or partially true idea other people or a particular group, mainly influenced by where an individual socialized. For instance, people who perceive that “black is always evil” are stereotypes. Prejudice is the formation of an attitude, mainly dislike of a group or person mainly due to factors such as religion, race and sex. For instance, prejudice is evident in the religious conflicts in the world eg the east Timor Catholics, Protestants conflict. Discrimination is simply making of decisions against or in favor of an individual or a group of people based on issues such class, race and family. Discrimination is evident in the American job market where the Blacks and Latinos are discriminated in the work places, allocation of tasks and payment of wages. The three characteristics are still visible in the modern society as they are acquired through history and socialization.

One of the most popular stereotypic ‘person’ in man’s history was the German Chancellor Adolf Hitler. Adolf Hitler and his Nazi party described the Jews as a racial group rather than what they are recognized as, ‘religious group.’ His description and hatred towards the Jews was stereotypic and even developed to prejudice, discrimination and finally into a genocide.

For instance, the emergence of the Nazi’s in 1919 and their leader as Adolf Hitler, also unveiled the stereotypic nature of Hitler. He basically defined the Jews as “a racial and not a religious group (Ayer, 1995).” This is a stereotypic view towards the Jews and exposes the stereotypic nature of the native German societies towards the Jews and probably towards other groups of people. Prejudice also developed as the Nazi’s became stronger and made the native German’s to dislike the Jew’s. By 1939, the Jews were even forced to vacate Germany and evade death if they were willing to leave behind their wealth. Hitler also propagated discrimination against the Jews in politics, jobs and other German affairs which finally culminated in to the Jewish Holocaust.

Hitler’s stereotypic nature led to prejudice and discrimination against the Jews through various means. First, he pioneered a campaign against the Britain and the USA, claiming that the Jews were a tool of capitalism that had made Germany’s economy collapse (Amodio & Devine, 2005). Secondly, he pioneered the Nazi’s into power and enrolled a national policy against the Jews.

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